Sauce Container & Lid Combo 70ml


This plastic sauce container and lid combo is popular for sauce takeouts.

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Our Sauce Container & Lid Combo is:

  1. Made from Polypropylene.
  2. Freezer Friendly.
  3. Clear Plastic.
  4. Recyclable.

PP stands for polypropylene and according to PlasticsSA, it is one of the most widely recycled polymers in South Africa. It is non-toxic and in addition to having a wide range of beneficial uses once recycled, can also be reused at home as food storage containers or pet drinking bowls, for example.

Please recycle responsibly and always look for recycling code number 1 to distinguish PET from other plastics.

PET stands for Polyethylene Tetraphthalate and like PP, is widely recycled in South Africa and has many downstream uses for new products if recycled properly.

According to PETCO, a company leading Extended Producer Responsibility for 
PET bottles in South Africa, “PET packaging can be made from up to 100% recycled PET, recapturing both the material and the inherent energy of the original package. It can also be recycled multiple times.”

There is a well established circular economy for PET in South Africa making it one of the most sustainable polymers. Please follow the proper recycling guidelines and look out for recycling code number 5 to distinguish PP from other plastics.

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