Want to market like a brand giant for a fraction of the cost?

We believe in expression. That’s why no matter the size of your business, we want to help make your brand stand out.

Our digital printing service gives you the same marketing power as bigger brands, allowing you to customize your brand look and feel on a wide range of products.

Want your brand here?

Welcome to the age of digital printing

  • Minimal set up fees.
  • No storage.
  • Design flexibility – change your artwork from one batch to the next at no extra cost!
  • Print in full color with as many colors as your heart desires at no extra charge per color.
  • Low volume and cash flow friendly.
  • Particularly great for start ups, promotions and events.
  • Impressively fast turn around time.
  • See your brand come to life.
  • Easy advertising – let your cup be your silent salesman!

Digital vs. Pre-production: What’s the difference?

Digital = printed in-house

  • Minimum order of 3000 units.
  • Printing flat rate includes unlimited colors and custom prints.
  • Better for smaller orders and budgets.

Pre-production = printed before the product is made

  • Minimum order of 50 000 units.
  • Includes printing flat rate and a plate fee for each color used.
  • Better for larger orders and budgets.

How do I get started?

  • Contact our sales team to get a quote.
  • Submit your artwork in the dieline in pdf in Ai format. Images must be high resolution and CMYK.
  • Sign off on your artwork and pay your invoice.
  • Leave the rest to us and let the magic happen! Expect your order in 7-10 working days from the sign off and payment date.


  • Dieline (we need it back in pdf and Ai format).
  • High resolution image if using a jpeg.
  • Remember to settle your invoice – production starts from sign off and payment date.


3000 cups per size per run.

7-10 working days from artwork approval date and payment.

The outer sleeve must be coated with polyethylene to create a seal, thereby making it non-compostable.

Yes, considering paper absorption and ambient temperature, there can be a difference in shade.

R370 set up fee. Artwork distortion and technical alignment.

  • The solid line indicates the final size of the artwork /where it will be trimmed to shape.
  • The dotted line is the bleed area that gets printed to cater for paper movement when it goes through the cutting machine. Usually any background colours/graphics spill into this area.
  • The middle shaded shape is the safe area for all design elements and text to avoid any loss of artwork and information after it’s trimmed to shape.

We can freight anywhere in the country, however freight charges are for your cost.

You can choose as many or as few colors as your heart desires at no extra charge (and change them next week at no extra charge!)

Unfortunately not.

We cannot match horizontal lines on the vertical seam due to paper movement during die cutting and cup forming.

Pricing may change from 10 000 cups upwards. Please refer to your sales person.

Completed artwork in the provided dieline in pdf and Ai format in CMYK. Please note that images must be high resolution. Please also provide us with a deadline should you have an event or promotion, but please note the minimum requirement of 7-10 working days from the date of sign-off and payment.

Terms and Conditions

  • Artwork required in AI file together with colour file
  • Delivery 14 days from start of manufacture. Manufacture only starts when
    • i. Artwork has been signed off by client
    • ii. Full invoice value has been paid