Our Story
Since opening our doors in 2015 we have received as much love as coffee served.

How did this happen?

Firstly, the coffee:

We made sure that our beans are carefully selected and imported as single origin coffee of the highest standard. My Brew only makes use of fair trade importers to ensure proper value is added in the supply chain. In September 2018 we imported the Ghibli R15 Commercial Coffee Roaster from Coffee Tech to ensure that the latest unrivalled superior technology in coffee roasting is used to unlock each bean to its full potential. Only 100% Arabica beans are used to blend these single origin beans after the roast into perfectly sought after flavour and taste that makes many of our customers shout for more.

Secondly, the love:

Freddie the owner and founder of the My Brew Coffee Roastery franchise always says: “There is only one thing better than our cup of coffee, and that is the next one.”

When you ask him: “How do you take your coffee?”

He will answer: “Seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY!”

Collaborating with PSO’s and Residences My Brew has partnered to bring communities together with something very simple. My Brew brought them together by finding the balance between quality, affordability and great service and invite anyone to come put us to the test. This is how we came to know this unmatched coffee brand, proudly born in Stellenbosch.

“Which coffee is the preferred brew of choice at this University?”

35,000 students & lecturers sing in one voice: “My Brew”- a reference to us as family.

We invite you to join the My Brew family, the friendliest community in Stellenbosch.

Still curious as to what our secret is?