Crumbs & Cream

It’s hard to believe that Crumbs & Cream co-founders, Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat, together with their husbands, created the hugely popular ice-cream sandwich brand in 2016. Crumbs & Cream has taken Cape Town by storm and has had customers flocking to get their hands on these delectable cookie and ice-cream sandwiches. The Crumbs & Cream brand was a dream come true for the two entrepreneurial sisters who followed their heart (and their tastebuds) to create the fun-filled, exciting and successful brand in only a few short months.

The sisters have combined their collective skills and determination and have built the brand from the ground up, whilst also being mothers to their toddlers.

The Crumbs & Cream philosophy is centered around outstanding service and exceptional quality. Every single cookie is made with love. Operating like a boutique, every ingredient must be to the highest standard. If it isn’t exactly what it needs to be, you won’t find it on their counter.

Crumbs & Cream began with the super cute and extremely hard-to-resist pink and yellow truck at the Watershed Market at the V&A Waterfront. The Crumbs & Cream Ice-Cream Sandwiches were an instant hit and after just two months, the brand expanded and they opened their flagship store in Sea point.

Crumbs & Cream takes fun very seriously – everything from the exciting atmosphere and the colorful branding, to the customer service and music. This is a one-of-a-kind experience from beginning to end, whether you’re creating a limited edition Crumbs & Cream sandwich, sharing a Ready-Made selection with friends, or enjoying your sweet treat whilst swaying on the swings at the Sea Point store.

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