BioAfrica Branding Rationale


At BioAfrica our vision is to stand for something larger and more noble than ourselves.

  • Sustainable packaging.
  • Consistent, reliable delivery.
  • Conserving and restoring our environment.
  • Integrity, because our services and deliverables means everything to us.

We source our biodegradable materials from America, Japan, Thailand and China before being shipped to Cape Town. Products made from biodegradable material strictly conform to the patent holder’s specifications and integrity is officially certified by Din Certco and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). This ensures that each product is of exceptional quality and credibility. All our papers are responsibly and sustainably sourced and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. Additionally, each of our manufacturers has passed the necessary Due Diligence inspections, which requires them to conform to acceptable working standards and hygiene as per ISO, BRC and HACCP.

BioAfrica Partners with like-minded Organisations, Clients and Consumers.

Our Branding:

  • We believe our BioAfrica branding needs to reflect our vision.
  • Our design integrity is meaningful only if it reduces our vision to the simplest, contemporary signature
  • For that reason we dispensed of over-used bio icons, over-designs and gimmicks.
  • We created a unique BioAfrica trademark ‘organic-styled’ font, from scratch, using a simple leaf as our design inspiration.
  • Our BioAfrica Logo marks simple clarity, legibility and uniqueness.


  • GREEN – Nature, Healing, Organic, Balance, Prosperity (Pantone’s Guide to Communication)
  • GREY / SILVER: Corporate, Neutral, Professional, Classic / Timeless, Neutral (Pantone’s Guide to Communication)

Positioning Line:


Our Partnerships works at 2 levels.

  • We partner with organisations of like-minded vision, in make a difference to our planet
  • We partner with our clients, and consumers, in providing safe bio-packaging solutions as well as seamless consistency of service, thus making a difference to their businesses and organisations, as well as our planet.

Brand Assets

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