The Vagabonds

Like with a well crafted dish, we are the hand selected ingredients that brings the symphony of flavours to life. A team of professional chefs, marketing gurus and an out of place accountant are behind this endeavour. You can be assured that your tastes are taken care of. At your event, ordering food online or dining at one of our outlets – it’s all about the food.

FOOD IS A JOURNEY. Just enjoy the ride.

We will deliver to your door – whether it leads to your boardroom, dining room or reception.

For a more involved experience we can set-up a kitchen, literally, anywhere, like a wayward band of culinary nomads. Like vagabonds. Being conveniently mobile has taught us how to adapt and adjust our kitchen setup in order to fit a surprisingly wide spectrum of settings—which really is fortunate, because it positions us as the obvious choice in just about any scenario, from cobblestone market, to swanky events, to up-close-and- personal in your very own home.

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