6 Reasons why Bamboo is Better

1. Zero waste.

Each part of harvested bamboo is used to make anything from furniture to chopsticks.

2. Soil Integrity

The health of the soil and all the creepy crawlies living in it are protected when bamboo is harvested as neither burning nor land clearing is needed. The roots remain in the soil after harvesting, which also prevents erosion and retains nutrients for the next crop.

3. Renewable

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant species in the world. It matures in one to five years, much speedier than most man-made forests.

4. Health

Bamboo is an excellent deodoriser and has excellent anti-bacterial properties

5. No Replanting

Bamboo quickly grows shoots from its extensive root system after harvesting and does not need to be replanted or cultivated.

6. Rigidity

Bamboo has enormous tensile strength, stronger than any steel or concrete, which makes products crafted from bamboo paper more robust.

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