About Cape Cup Packaging

Many businesses in the hospitality industry experience an unreliable supply of single-use packaging, which affects overall quality of service. In addition, there is an increasing demand from the growing trend of environmentally-conscious consumers, supported by an imminent change in legislature for the global phasing out of single-use plastic.

Our Solution And Promise

To provide consistent delivery of high quality products to the South African market and beyond. We seamlessly supply single-use packaging, including an impressive variety of biodegradable alternatives made from renewable and sustainable resources to meet the changing market.

How We Achieve This

We have an exceptionally motivated team whose mission it is to source high quality and innovative products. In conjunction with our world-class ERP systems, dedicated fleet and transport contractors, we provide consistent, reliable service at the lowest possible cost.

Safety Protocols, Our Highest Priority

  1. We have installed a decontaminating spray tunnel that sprays body and feet
  2. All temperatures are taken and logged
  3. Everyone must wear a mask
  4. Staff also wear a hair net, apron, gloves and a face shield
  5. All outgoing stock gets fogged
  6. We have a permanent sanitizing team that rotates through the company every 30 minutes cleaning all common surfaces
  7. All vehicles get sanitized on every return and before loading again

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